Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Craft

It seems like forever since I've sat down and actually followed through on a crafting project. It's not that the ideas aren't there, but the lure of mindless internet browsing, coupled with staring at the TV of an evening have me not doing a great deal in the creative department. Yet again, looking at other people's wonderful work seems to be my new craft. So today I fixed that.

Guess what these are for?

 Monster baby houses.

 To be more precise, Monster beds. Teensy tiny sized.

These little ones are from the book Microcrafts.
I've made three already, the possibilities are endless, such a quick, simple craft that is really very cute. And cheap. I like cheap (not looking cheap, but sometimes its inevitable...).
These are for the kid and her pals for Christmas.

I've also made these and am waiting for everyone to hurry up and finish the last jar of cherries that's lurking in the fridge so I can add another. Plastic farmyard animals glued to lids and spray painted. Sheer genius.

And lastly, a work in progress. Rock Candy. Day one.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Anniversary

  It was just one night away from all the busy-ness that is our life, but boy was it a treat! We tootled down the road to Kyneton and stayed in the loveliest apartment, right there in Piper Street. Should you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods I highly recommend staying at Apartment 61A, a self contained, two bedroom apartment, gorgeously decorated and very well equipped.

and although I took hardly any photos, I did manage to snap a few of our digs.

The perfect night away, charming company, and a delicious meal at the nearby Royal George. Thoroughly spoilt I was! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Growing Up

Like weeds I tell ya. 

Colourful weeds though...

and just a bit nuts.

Then in the blink of an eye, you find yourself with a teenager.

Luck I still have one baby about to keep me company.

November is our busy month. Two birthdays AND our wedding anniversary.
Whoopie Pies have been made (and eaten)

Party bags made 

and giggled over

And I heard a rumour that Christmas is only a few weeks away....

Thanks to my talented gal-pal for those gorgeous kid and dog shots, if only I had half her talent. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes spilt milk IS worth crying over

Yes it is.

Image via

I'm afraid it's all been a bit beyond me today. Getting the kids up, making breakfast, school run and petrol filling. I've got a little cough you see. And while I'm here feeling very poorly, I'm wondering why I have been telling the kids to man up and get over it.

It's whooping cough, and while the kids haven't had that characteristic whoop that I seem to have been blessed with, I think it might be the same cough. So while I struggle with another baby disease (last year was Chicken Pox/Shingles), I'm making the most of it and downloading all those movies the husband scoffs at.

Where do I start on the whole vampire vs werewolf debate?
For me, Edward is the clear winner.

What's not to love about Edward and his swoonyness? He can quote Shakespeare! 
Possibly a tad too pale, but gosh there is something irresistible about a vampire...

If only he had Jacob's body, I think we would all be happy.

Sadly, I've never had to *choose* between vampire and werewolf, but I'm pretty sure I'd know which way to go.

So while I lie here pondering these important distinctions, forgive me my illegal downloading, illicit thoughts and milk sookery.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't buy balloons in a windy day and other pearls of wisdom...

Of the six balloons I bought on Friday, only three made it home.

Dogs destroy lawn.

Houses do not paint themselves

And paving is never going to happen if I keep spending money on nail polish

But the new tank is full, the pump is working and the garden is loving the rain/sun/rain/sun combination.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Scarfy present

It's small...but so are kids. 

I kind of hate the tee, who would have thought a plain grey tee would be so hard to find? Why do they all seem to have inappropriate, tacky things on them? Admittedly this one is not a great example of beautiful simplicity, but there you go.

I compensated for the plain tee with a crochet hanger and necklace.

Because, let's be realistic. I'm not in the business of garment making. One has to draw the line somewhere.

Vietnamese Coffee: How to

As I mentioned last post, I've fallen in love again with Vietnamese coffee.
What's not to love about that combination of super strong coffee and syrupy condensed milk?
There seems to be endless ways to enjoy coffee and each gives you such a different result.
We are big fans of our La Pavoni Lever. it makes consistently good coffee, and its how I start my day. Everday. I'm not a big milk fan, so my morning latte is my only real calcium intake (other than hefty helpings of washed rind cheese). 

But all that milk is just too much and I revert to tea for the rest of the day.
While in Vietnam we enjoyed great coffee, but I hadn't really tried to replicate it at home until now. 
These little presses are so nifty. We have two and they are so simple to use. The first was a fancier version from the Luke Nguyen range, and comes with a glass and bamboo coaster, but this one is works the same and was only $7.50 from an Asian grocery store.

Simply place two teaspoons of condensed milk in the bottom of a glass

and three teaspoons of coffee in the base of your press and tamp down with the top press/filter

sit on top of the strainer  and add boiling water to the top of the screw, then cover with the lid.

It's not something you can rush, but the coffee will eventually drip through.

I'm looking forward to summer and being able to pour this over crushed ice.