Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello Cambodia

Awake again early, in a different timezone, and without a doubt, a different country.

We arrived late yesterday in time for out first Cambodian downpour. I say downpour, but the truth is it didn't end.
Waking this morning though, the rain has gone, and everything is bright and sparkly (maybe not bright, it is only 530am).

Instead of the call to prayer waking me, this morning it has been roosters. Very much the sounds of Asia.
Arriving late, we didn't get to see too much before the sunset, but we have arranged for a local tuktuk driver to meet us later so we can see a few things, and buy our all important bus ticket for our next leg, sihanoukville.

For the moment though, a nice relax by the pool, OUR pool. We have a private plunge pool and garden courtyard all to ourselves. Bliss.

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Oscar said...

i wish we had a pool in he backyard today its been really hot :( missing you
love oscar