Friday, October 23, 2009

Lilly White

That's me. In this land of berry brown people, I stand out. That and my red lipstick of course.

It wasn't always that way. I too spent a significant amount of years trying to maintain that golden glow that comes from hours spent in the sun.
Now I can't think of anything more boring than lying on a sunlounger, waiting for that toasty shade of brown to appear.

As I write this, I can see that I am the rarity here in the hotel cafe. Most of the westerners here are wearing not too much, I on the other hand will be the one out and about wearing the longer sleeves, longer skirt, big floppy hat and carrying a sun brolly. My spot by the pool is invariably that one with the big umbrella (cooling cocktail in hand).

Yesterday I even bought a Kramer (Cambodian scarfy thing), so I can make sure my neck doesn't get burned. As we head for Siem Reap and all those magnificent temples, it will be Factor 30+ all the way.

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Leone said...

Here in Singapore, most people are a lovely golden bronze color, but they really do try to be white... there are many whitening creams on the market. In fact if you go to buy moisturizer, you have to look twice, as most times it is a whitening cream!

Then when I go for a facial they try and sell me a "service" to take those awful brown spots off.... what? They are my sun kisses... leave them alone... they are all mine and my very own natural freckles (or sun kisses!).

You will need 30+ for sure around Siem reap ... and comfy shoes as you will get hot and dusty and tired.


Anonymous said...

beck or did you mean neck hahahahahahahahahahahaha