Sunday, October 11, 2009

Guilt Food

With only a few days until we embark on our kid-free holiday, my guilt is becoming super sized. So much so, that I have resorted to a week of kid friendly food and activities to try to make myself feel better.

It's been a week of classic kid food in our house, and everybody's happy. Lasagne, schnitzel, sausages and mash, pizzas and roasts. Not a stir fry, salad or curry in sight.

To counter all that stodge I made these cute little bees this afternoon.

They are made using a melon baller. Rockmelon balls, with blueberry noses, and wings made with a small bit of rind. I had tried to stick the noses on with cream cheese but it just wouldn't work. The original recipe suggested using cumquats instead of the rockmelon I used, but try as I might, I just couldn't seem to find any. As I only made them for my kids, I chose to cheat and use a toothpick, which the kids knew to watch for.

The beehive is made with pineapple rings (out of a tin because I didn't think I would manage to get through a whole pineapple before we went away and didn't want to find it in the fridge in a few weeks time!). Next time I think a fresh pineapple is the way to go because tinned is just not firm enough to properly shape.

Next time I come across cumquats in the market I will retry this, hopefully with better results.

And to replenish our biscuit jar - that great Aussie classic, Monte Carlos.
These are so good. Much, much nicer than those out of the packet. Made using the last of our homemade raspberry jam. I used this recipe.

We've just finished planting out our snapdragons and the approaching storm will hopefully give everything a decent soak. Poppy specially requested a trip to the garden store as Snapdragons are apparently Fairy Favourites. Very important plants then.

As we listen to the rumbling thunder, it's time to pop on the kettle, and treat myself to a well earned biscuit.


myrelish said...

Your guys are lucky, all that food sounds delicious. I apparently don't have a guilt sensor, either that or the guilt doesn't manifest in delicious food!

Heleen said...

looks yummie, wish I could taste it!