Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Because I can't knit...

I love wool. So beautiful to work with, infinite colours to choose from and seemingly endless blends. Mohair, alpaca, possum???, merino, bamboo, you name it really.
So this week has been dedicated to the PomPom. Many PomPoms. Super addictive. I've made ten so far and want to make more.
I've made them on the sofa in the evening, in bed in the morning, in the car on a long drive (don't worry, I was the passenger) and while waiting for soccer training to end. Always in my hand, or in my bag, waiting.

And look at these colours. Gorgeous.

I am going to make a PomPom Chandelier when finished, and I can't wait to see all the colours together.

1 comment:

Heleen said...

Love your pompoms! me and the kids love to make them too!