Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter Diorama Tutorial

Sprouting already. These little Easter Dioramas are what the Prep/Grade 1 kids will be making this week.
Here's what you'll need:

Coloured Card (red and green)
White Paper
Foam Egg
Fuzzy Chicks
Plastic takeaway containers 
Brown Paper 
String or yarn
Cotton Balls
Elastic Band
Stick Tape
Glue Stick
Sticky Dots
Wheatgrass Seeds

Cut your grass to cover the base of your container. Mine was 14 x 9 cm. I then clipped the edges to give a rounded appearance.

Here's some templates you might find handy.

Cut your toadstool top from red card, cutting halfway through circle, then overlap and tape together.

Trim base of foam egg so it sits flat, then glue mushroom top to egg.

Cut out spots from white paper and attach using glue.

Cut out larger circle from brown paper.


Cover small plastic container with paper, place rubber band to secure and dress with yarn.       

Fill with cotton balls, moisten, then sprinkle wheatgrass seeds over.    

Place chicks in container, secured in position with a sticky dot.

Your little wheatgrass garden will begin sprouting after only a few days.
Make sure it is kept moist at all times, and keep in a nice bright room.

All up, these cost about $2 for each little diorama.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway, only a couple of days to go. Easter goodies are a waiting.


Turning Japanese said...

All I need is the wheat grass!

Corny said...

So, why do you call yourself Hausfrau?

hausfrau said...

Hausfrau is German for housewife, and as I have a german heritage, I thought it appropriate (that and it sounds ever so slightly more interesting than housewife).

Corny said...

True to that liebe Hausfrau! Ich bin Deutsche und wollte immer mal nach Australien ziehen doch nun wohne ich in der USA und bin a housewife!