Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo Phobia

Always have been. So here's what I did today.
Played with photobooth, and ooooh, I like being able to take AND then delete photos of myself. Was after a shot of my lovely apron. And then couldn't stop. Many shots later, and I've spared you the ones of me holding up the eiffel tower, swimming under water, and looking all pop-artish, and I actually have some photos I am happy with.

Smirky me.

Serious me.

Booky me.

Hours of entertainment while I ignore the housework piling up around me and the overgrown garden that is desperate for attention.
Photo booth is a lot of fun, and today was the first time I had ever bothered to look at it. Makes me love our Mac even more (and part of me secretly wants to get all dressed in costume and pose all day).


Turning Japanese said...

Serious, no wait, Booky is my favourite. Go you with Photobooth!

superrelish said...

It is also a great bribe for the kids - Yes, you can use photobooth after you clean your room...