Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes spilt milk IS worth crying over

Yes it is.

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I'm afraid it's all been a bit beyond me today. Getting the kids up, making breakfast, school run and petrol filling. I've got a little cough you see. And while I'm here feeling very poorly, I'm wondering why I have been telling the kids to man up and get over it.

It's whooping cough, and while the kids haven't had that characteristic whoop that I seem to have been blessed with, I think it might be the same cough. So while I struggle with another baby disease (last year was Chicken Pox/Shingles), I'm making the most of it and downloading all those movies the husband scoffs at.

Where do I start on the whole vampire vs werewolf debate?
For me, Edward is the clear winner.

What's not to love about Edward and his swoonyness? He can quote Shakespeare! 
Possibly a tad too pale, but gosh there is something irresistible about a vampire...

If only he had Jacob's body, I think we would all be happy.

Sadly, I've never had to *choose* between vampire and werewolf, but I'm pretty sure I'd know which way to go.

So while I lie here pondering these important distinctions, forgive me my illegal downloading, illicit thoughts and milk sookery.

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Sarah B said...

Oh you poor thing! Watching all those quality movies and tv will do the trick :)
If you fancy a vamp or two I can highly recommend the True Blood series. Have you seen it? Fantastic.
Get better soon :)