Friday, September 9, 2011

Vietnamese Coffee: How to

As I mentioned last post, I've fallen in love again with Vietnamese coffee.
What's not to love about that combination of super strong coffee and syrupy condensed milk?
There seems to be endless ways to enjoy coffee and each gives you such a different result.
We are big fans of our La Pavoni Lever. it makes consistently good coffee, and its how I start my day. Everday. I'm not a big milk fan, so my morning latte is my only real calcium intake (other than hefty helpings of washed rind cheese). 

But all that milk is just too much and I revert to tea for the rest of the day.
While in Vietnam we enjoyed great coffee, but I hadn't really tried to replicate it at home until now. 
These little presses are so nifty. We have two and they are so simple to use. The first was a fancier version from the Luke Nguyen range, and comes with a glass and bamboo coaster, but this one is works the same and was only $7.50 from an Asian grocery store.

Simply place two teaspoons of condensed milk in the bottom of a glass

and three teaspoons of coffee in the base of your press and tamp down with the top press/filter

sit on top of the strainer  and add boiling water to the top of the screw, then cover with the lid.

It's not something you can rush, but the coffee will eventually drip through.

I'm looking forward to summer and being able to pour this over crushed ice.


Turning Japanese said...

How long does the condensed milk last once you have opened the can? If you don't just eat it...

lily boot said...

EEEEEEEK!!!! I knew you were going to say condensed milK! And as to Miss Turning Japanese above - of course you have to eat the leftovers :-0 Or if you're my grandmother you have a condensed milk sandwich. ::shudder:: BUt the coffee - that sounds awesome!

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