Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Craft

It seems like forever since I've sat down and actually followed through on a crafting project. It's not that the ideas aren't there, but the lure of mindless internet browsing, coupled with staring at the TV of an evening have me not doing a great deal in the creative department. Yet again, looking at other people's wonderful work seems to be my new craft. So today I fixed that.

Guess what these are for?

 Monster baby houses.

 To be more precise, Monster beds. Teensy tiny sized.

These little ones are from the book Microcrafts.
I've made three already, the possibilities are endless, such a quick, simple craft that is really very cute. And cheap. I like cheap (not looking cheap, but sometimes its inevitable...).
These are for the kid and her pals for Christmas.

I've also made these and am waiting for everyone to hurry up and finish the last jar of cherries that's lurking in the fridge so I can add another. Plastic farmyard animals glued to lids and spray painted. Sheer genius.

And lastly, a work in progress. Rock Candy. Day one.


Marg and Graham said...

You are amazing - love it all BUT those animal jars are too cute...

Lily Boot said...

AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! Those jars are utterly, utterly gorgeous! Ooooh - now you've added another to make item to the already heaving christmas list - I know just a young lady with a penchant for crafting that will adore them for her supplies :-)

Seo Sea said...

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